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In Tactile Explorations, Berkeley professor of English and disability studies scholar Georgina Kleege guided participants throughout the exhibition with tactile and sensory aesthetic experiences. As a consultant to art institutions around the world and author of More Than Meets the Eye: What Blindness Brings to Art (2018), Kleege has shown numerous audiences how to engage with artworks through non-visual senses.

Neurodivergent Media Workshop offered experiential insight into the creative and pedagogical processes from exhibiting artist and educator Allison Leigh Holt's long-running media classes. Through her artistic research and practice, Holt has learned that experimental time-based media, such as film and video, are uniquely positioned to reflect the experience of neurodivergent sense perception. In her classes, Holt has taught numerous students the creative tools to express their experiences of neurodivergence in experimental film and media. Neurodivergent Media, a series of short films culminating these efforts, were on exhibition at Recoding CripTech. In this storytelling workshop, participants worked with Holt to develop scripts, learn storyboarding techniques, and stage scenes. Intended for all interested in the fundamentals of storytelling in time-based media, the workshop served as an open invitation for SOMArts attendees to participate in the co-creation of new disability narratives.

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