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Chun-Shan (Sandie) Yi


Human skin flakes, silk organza, thread, embroidery threads and lotion.

Various, framed on 11"x 17" foam cord 

Collaborator: Rahnee Patrick 

Tactile samples available upon request

Skinny is a material documentation of the intimate communications and care relationships between Yi and her Crip sister, Rahnee Patrick. Patrick grows her skin 100 times faster than average people. Yi helps Patrick with her personal hygiene, including showering, applying lotion, massaging her skin and dressing. Sometimes, Yi uses her fingertips to peel Patrick's excess skin to relieve her from swelling and inflammation. They consider this process as a time of peer support and profound connection. Yi crafted sewn pods to hold Rahnee's skin flakes as a way to honor this work, and to preserve Rahnee's epidermal cycle of regeneration.


Three framed panels rest on a white tabletop.  Each contains small sacs made with transparent/silky fabric. The shapes of the sacs vary organically. Tiny pieces of human skin flakes rest inside the sacs. They are embroidered with red, salmon colored and white threads.

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