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Revel in Your Body

Single Channel Video

6 minutes

A film by Safety Third Productions

Alice Sheppard: Executive Producer, Artistic Director, Choreographer

Katherine Helen Fisher: Director

Shimmy Boyle: Director of Photography

Laurel Lawson: Choreography collaborator and costume design

Lisa Niedermeyer: Producer

Missy Mazzoli: Music Composition

Cheryl Green: Audio Description

Jumps evolve into joyous flight and split-second connections are luxuriously lengthened in this short dance film featuring disabled dancers Alice Sheppard and Laurel Lawson. Revel in Your Body originated as a creative concept when the dancers posted online a slow-motion iPhone video of them jumping on a trampoline while strapped into their wheelchairs. Shot on the Phantom Camera on an empty parking rooftop with the Atlanta skyline in the background on the campus of Georgia Tech, this film takes high-stakes wheelchair choreography into the site-specific playgrounds of parking ramps, metal railings, and breathtaking blue sky.

Audio description for Revel in Your Body takes an insider approach for the non-visual experience of the film, Rather than describing only what the dancers are doing, the description takes you inside how the movement feels.

Watch on Vimeo

"Revel in Your Body" Trailer, Audio Description only.

"Revel in Your Body" Trailer, Audio Description and Open Captions.

"Revel in Your Body" Trailer, Open Captions, no sound.

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