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Prosthetic Memory
M Eifler aka BlinkPopShift in collaboration with Steve Sedlmayr


Dimensions Variable

Custom software, video, book, desk, shelves, chair, binders

In childhood, Eifler sustained brain damage that left them without long-term memory. Three components - a series of daily videos, a paper journal, and a custom Artificial Intelligence - form the building blocks for a prosthetic memory they have created in its place. Using machine learning, Eifler is transforming their personal archive into a searchable memory bank, designed to sort and retrieve objects, events, people, and moods  - not simply to emulate a neurotypical person's mental processes, but to hack their own bioware.  

Instructions: To interact with the installation, explore the book on the desk, holding the page flat when you want the AI to recognize it. It will search for memories associated with that page and display them on the desk.

M Eifler aka BlinkPopShift explains the how and why of their interactive installation, Prosthetic Memory.

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