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Sonia Soberats



Chromogenic Print on Sintra


Light plays a pivotal role in Soberats' art and life. Beyond the technique of light painting instrumental to Soberats' work, light serves as a kind of life force that illuminates energy and sustenance, and as phantasmic residues that simultaneously haunt and sustain one's memories. Light even takes on spiritual significance, as Soberats notes this energy is the same as "God gave to his chosen people when they crossed Mount Sinai towards the Promised Land." 


Sonia Soberats



Chromogenic Print on Sintra


Sonia Soberats was 58 years old when she lost her vision. In this self-portrait, Soberats reflects on the profound transformation of her identity, body and psyche, prompted both by the loss of her children to cancer and the deterioration of her sight soon after. In this representation, a woman sits regally with broken chains adorning her neck. Confronting her past, the artist also imagines a new future; phantasmic, brightly lit letters prophetically float in front of her as if they were emerging from a screen.


Two black and white photographs hang against a white backdrop. On the left, a young woman, her head tilted upwards, drinks in sparks of light from a vessel she also tilts to her face. On the right, a woman sits holding a masquerade mask to her face and chains hang from her shoulders. Photo credit: Richard Lomibao

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