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Forest Ballet
Pete Eckert


Archival prints on Sintra


In this series, Eckert depicts a phantasmic ballet among majestic Californian redwoods. This translucent choreography layers the lush green of the forest and conjures the deeply-rooted spirituality of these ancient groves. Through these ephemeral palettes of movement, Eckert references other spiritual traditions as well. In one image, the dancer's multiple arms suggest South Asian icons, while the other evokes playful myths of European fairy folklore.


Two photographs mounted to a white wall form the "Forest Ballet" series. In the left, an ephemeral glowing yellow figure raises a graceful arm next to a redwood tree. Both tree and dancer are ringed in a circle of light, its bottom punctuated by luminous orbs. In the right, a yellow and red torso, arms poised mid-dance, appears astride a fallen tree. Photo credit: Richard Lomibao

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