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Bone Light
Pete Eckert

Chromogenic Prints on Sintra


This series captures Eckert's experience of the phantom sense he calls bone light. Emerging from his efforts to rewire his vision through sound, touch, and memory, through this biofeedback loop he sees light emanating from his skeleton. Composed with his ears, these images represent the shallow picture plane, drawn bones, simplified color palette, and layered elements characteristic of Eckert's process. Transmuting what is felt, remembered, and seen, Bone Light animates photographic perception as touch. 


Mounted to a freestanding white wall, two photographic prints form on a diptych. In the photograph on the left, a man in a hat and glasses stands out against a yellow and red haze on a black background, his silhouette painted in bold yellow lines zigzagging along his limbs. On the right, two figures face each other in profile. Electric blue lines against a hazy red illuminate the figure on the left and yellow and red lines form the figure on the right - between them red and yellow lines suggest trumpets of pure light.

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